COLDAIR Engineering Company has been operating since 1960 and was acquired by Haggar in 2000. The company is a leader in the refrigeration space, with a reputation for durability and reliability. The group continues to invest in developing its product portfolio as it works to position itself as a leader in the more general Consumer Electronics market . As the first company in this category, COLDAIR was able to capture top-of-mind awareness from the outset. Today the COLDAIR brand remains one of the most respected brands in the Sudanese market, viewed as a symbol of pride and heritage. COLDAIR works through authorized dealers and distributors spread across the country and supported by service centers to ensure product availability and service support. COLDAIRprides itself on its product quality and durability, offering 5 year guarantees as standard.

To be in every household in Sudan 

Providing locally manufactured household appliances that lead the industry in durability with service levels superior to international brands

We are striving for the perfect service to completely show our corporate image and products brand
The focus is on workers at low level in degrees to give them additional benefits and services….

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