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To organize, coordinate and supervise the accounting operations of the District and maintain related financial records; provide internal control of fiscal plans and budgets; develop and prepare studies in the area budget; train, supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned personnel. Prepare and audit financial, statistical and analytical reports of a complex natures; prepare Transportation, annual program cost report, National public education financial survey, and other financial reports related to federal, State and local grants and entitlements.


  •  Handle full spectrum of financial and cost accounting role (. AR, AP, GL)
  •  Responsible for day to day finance and accounts operations.
  •  Perform full set of accounts and ensure timely closing of accounts.
  •  Review & approve journal entries.
  •  Develop and maintain internal control and effective accounting system and policies for the set up.
  •  Handel the Auditing issues. • Act as the primary support person for month, quarter and year-end financial.
  •  Activities Reconcile corporate balance sheets and deliver summary reconciliation TB to PM.
  •  Handel all activities related to tax issues.
  •  To assist in managing and supervising the implementation of The Company’s financial policy and procedures.
  •  To assist in managing all financial activities of the Company.
  •  To assist in recommending the hiring, promotion, training and dismissal of the financial Dept’s EPs.
  •  To assist in safeguarding the Company’s financial resources.
  •  To follow up the price changes on the inventories and take necessary actions.
  •  To prepare and update on monthly basis the pricing form template.
  •  To communicate with Authorities regarding Costing, Taxes and other Government Dues.
  •  To prepare the Company daily report.
  •  To submit to the Insurance Company, the calculation of sum insured to ensure all Company’s properties are insured by receiving and checking final insurance policies.
  •  To studying the financial reports issued by the auditors and to comply with their recommendations, if any.
  •  To sign all adjustment journals.
  •  To check and sign all costing sheets of material, spare parts or fixed assets prepared by cost accountant.
  •  To supervise monthly stocktaking of raw materials, finished goods inbound and outside CEC.


  • B.Sc. in Accounting, or in any relevant field .
  •  At least Five year of experience in related field & any related Accounting certificate will be an added advantage
  •  Exemption from Military Service.
Competency Level
Core competencies
1. Teamwork

The ability to work collaboratively and support others as part of a team, in a respectful and professional manner in order to achieve a common goal

2. Communication

The ability to convey clear, concise and easy to follow messages, verbally or in writing to different audiences and to actively listen to the responses

3. Integrity & Ethics

The ability to behave in an honest and trustworthy manner in all business dealings, displaying moral character and full adherence to Haggar’s values

4. Ownership & Accountability

The ability to work with a high sense of responsibility; the passion to achieve desired outcomes and deliver results at a superior level

5. Creativity & Innovation

The ability to think outside the box and develop imaginative ideas to generate unique and valuable solutions to problems that drive new and improved ways of working

6. Flexibility & Adaptability

The ability to positively adjust the behaviour and working style to business priorities, changing work conditions, unexpected challenges and/or opportunities


Managerial competencies (If needed)

– People Management: the ability to efficiently lead, guide, inspire and motivate people to deliver their best performance and contribute to the team’s goals.

– Strategic Thinking: the ability to plan and develop tactics and strategies that are aligned with Haggar’s vision and short & long terms business plans.

Problem Solving and Decision Making: the ability to take a balanced judgment in thinking and weigh up different options to reach logical conclusion and recommend effective solutions in all business related matters

Influence and Negotiation: the ability to act with persuasion and tact and convey ones ideas to others, changing their opinion and gaining favorable agreement.





Job grade Rating Description
A (Managers) & B (Sr. Officers) Good Working Proficiency. Able to speak and understand work-related conversations and/or meetings and has fair ability to read and write work materials and emails


– Female Candidates are strongly recommended to apply.