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To managing the organization’s budgeting system, policies, and processes and working with
department\region budget owners to create and monitor operating budgets. She/he is accountable
for preparing and providing financial and narrative reports and analysis to programs, for the FM.

To manage, develop and organize performance indicators, coordinating departmental performance
within corporate plans and strategies. To develop and produce departmental service plan and other
plans where appropriate in liaison with senior managers and departmental staff. To develop and
coordinate departmental consultation activity


  •  Lead development of institutional Business planning and budgeting process (both revenue
    and cost), including the development of the budget manual and templates, creation of
    tools to develop work plans, work with programs developing budgets, and reconciliation of
    budgets with programmatic work plans and organizational goals.
  • Lead the production of financial analyses and presentations for GM &FM throughout the
  • Develop regular financial reports and analysis forecasting and trending budget
    performance and institutional financial positioning for Top management team.
  • Assist the FM, GM & Top management team on special projects that require financial
  • Lead processes and communications regularly working with department budget owners
    across the company to monitor and revise budgets throughout the year and life of
  • Ensure compliance with current budget and spending policies, and propose improved
    policies and systems regarding spending guidelines, cost savings, cost allocation, and
    annual planning.
  • Develop and maintain templates and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP’s) related to
    budget management.
  • Liaise with other departments and their systems to ensure that across departments there is
    financial continuity, accuracy, and adherence to key processes such as clear cost and
    revenue accounting, reporting and compliance.
  • Work with the Finance team to streamline internal financial reports and reporting
    processes to deliver more efficient, more effective, and more useful reports and analysis.
  • Provide training to staff on budget management processes and systems
  • Ensure systems are in place to provide fit-for-purpose Opex costs planning, reporting and
    variance analysis for each department

   Balance Scorecard (BSC)

  • Manage and maintain the online BSC tool.
  • Coordinate quarterly data updates and prepares reporting for senior leadership and Board
    of Trustees.
  • Provides training to staff of BSC processes and systems.



  • B.Sc. in Accounting, or in any relevant field .
  • At least three years of hands on experience in a similar role.
  •  Exemption from Military Service.
Competency Level
Core competencies
1. Teamwork

The ability to work collaboratively and support others as part of a team, in a respectful and professional manner in order to achieve a common goal

2. Communication

The ability to convey clear, concise and easy to follow messages, verbally or in writing to different audiences and to actively listen to the responses

3. Integrity & Ethics

The ability to behave in an honest and trustworthy manner in all business dealings, displaying moral character and full adherence to Haggar’s values

4. Ownership & Accountability

The ability to work with a high sense of responsibility; the passion to achieve desired outcomes and deliver results at a superior level

5. Creativity & Innovation

The ability to think outside the box and develop imaginative ideas to generate unique and valuable solutions to problems that drive new and improved ways of working

6. Flexibility & Adaptability

The ability to positively adjust the behaviour and working style to business priorities, changing work conditions, unexpected challenges and/or opportunities


Managerial competencies (If needed)

– People Management: the ability to efficiently lead, guide, inspire and motivate people to deliver their best performance and contribute to the team’s goals.

– Strategic Thinking: the ability to plan and develop tactics and strategies that are aligned with Haggar’s vision and short & long terms business plans.

Problem Solving and Decision Making: the ability to take a balanced judgment in thinking and weigh up different options to reach logical conclusion and recommend effective solutions in all business related matters

Influence and Negotiation: the ability to act with persuasion and tact and convey ones ideas to others, changing their opinion and gaining favorable agreement.




Job grade Rating Description
A (Managers) & B (Sr. Officers) Working Proficiency Able to speak and understand work-related conversations and/or meetings and has fair ability to read and write work materials and emails


– Female Candidates are strongly recommended to apply.